MOSAIC - Modern Ocean Sediment Archive and Inventory of Carbon

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This app was developed by Dr. Tessa van der Voort in the group of Prof. Tim Eglinton at ETH Zurich
You can use this data interactively! On the left panel you can see where our data is on the globe. For the figure on the left panel, select the variables of choice in the sidebar. Then, use your mouse to select the data of your interest. It will appear in the table below and you can download it by clicking on the download button, also in the sidebar. You are using MOSAIC (doi:10.5168/mosaic019.1) updated on 01.01.2021
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MOSAIC is the Modern Ocean Sediment Archive and Inventory of Carbon. It is an organic geochemical and sedimentological database for marine surface sediments. The initial publication on this database is in Earth System Science Discussions doi: 10.5194/essd-2020-199 by Van der Voort et al.

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